Universitat de Lleida


The Universidad de Lleida (UdL) is a Spanish University within the Catalan tertiary education system that combines excellent research in agricultural sciences and biomedicine. It is engaged in high-level teaching, research, extension, dissemination and technology transfer. The UdL offers a highly-specialised biotechnology degree program. The expertise of the School of Agronomy in particular encompasses plant molecular biology, plant physiology and biochemistry, plant genetics and crop production. The UdL is only one of a handful of Spanish research organisations engaged in field trials and the evaluation of transgenic crops, including maize and rice. We have conducted such trials successfully for the past decade. UdL will use its unique combinatorial transformation system to engineer rice plants with multiple genes as described elsewhere in the proposal.

Role in Photoboost

The UdL will, coordinate all rice transformation activities in the project (working in close cooperation with partners ITQB and IRRI), carry out rice greenhouse and field trials in Spain, and also contribute towards the objectives of other work packages as described elsewhere in the proposal.


Paul Cristou

Selected publications

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